David R. Wheeler

Writer: CNN, Atlantic, New Republic, NY Times

Lexington, Kentucky

David R. Wheeler

Freelance writer for CNN, The Atlantic, The New Republic, and The New York Times.


The case for a guaranteed income

First, the bad news: Even if the economy improves, middle-class career paths will continue to disappear as globalization and technological innovation render more jobs obsolete. Link to Story

Why are Cortana and Siri female?

Microsoft's digital assistant for its Windows Phone 8.1 is named after Cortana, a character from Halo video game series. Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 just got an upgrade with the voice of Cortana. David Wheeler: Why are Cortana, Siri, and basically all "virtual assistants" female? He says there's biological factor, tradition, sexism, and the popularity of Mad Men. Link to Story

I'd pay Facebook if it could give me privacy

On Thursday Facebook bowed to privacy concerns by making new users' privacy settings default to "Friends" instead of "Public." The new feature also walks existing users through privacy settings, letting them make changes if they so desire. Read on for more stats about Facebook, which turned 10 in February. Link to Story

Alec Baldwin, you can fight back

Over the decades, celebrities have chosen various ways of dealing with an increasingly intrusive media. Such methods have included suing (Jacqueline Kennedy), punching (Marlon Brando) and putting a bag over one's head (Shia LaBeouf). Link to Story

Will online classes make professors extinct?

If higher education continues down its current path, full-time professors — already an endangered species — may become extinct. Link to Story

Voice recognition will always be stupid

We all know futility or trying to make automated systems understand us. We put up with it because we think the technology will soon be perfected -- but it won't. Link to Story

Mourn on the Fourth of July

(CNN) - Like many congregations, The Mennonite Worker Community of Minneapolis held a worship service and picnic this Fourth of July - but instead of extolling the virtues of America, they called attention to its faults. The annual service is “a sort of anti-patriotic holiday,” says Mark Van Steenwyk, whose community focuses on simplicity, prayer and peacemaking.
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Freelancer for CNN, The Atlantic, The New Republic, and The New York Times.

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